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Gene Rodgers

Age: 47
Nationality: USA
Home Location: Austin, TX
Occupation: Argonaut

Gene, a self-proclaimed "Argonaut", is a world traveler extraordinaire and seeks adventure, having visited over 30 countries. He has enjoyed diverse "extreme" recreational activities ranging from skydiving to scuba diving to trekking in the Himalayas, and looks forward to seeing Everest again in 2003. Gene, a quadriplegic, comes from Cleveland, Ohio and currently lives in Austin, Texas. Check out his website:

Gene Rodgers scuba divingGene believes, "The true result of endeavor, whether on a mountain or in any other context, may be found rather in its lasting effects than in the few moments during which a summit is trampled by mountain boots. The real measure is the success or failure of the climber to triumph, not over a lifeless mountain, but over oneself; the true value of the enterprise lies in the example to others of human motive and human conduct." - Sir John Hunt.

Gene thanks the following organizations for their generous support:

Centex Beverage Inc.          Invacare

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